What is a Good Blender for Crushing Ice – Top Guide 2023

Not all blenders can crush ice effectively, do they? Only a high-powered blender can do the task smoothly. Crushed ice can boost your frozen juices, margaritas, green smoothies, slushies, and cocktails.

What is a good blender for crushing ice, by the way? And, what if you are looking for a good blender for crushing ice? If these questions are hovering over your head, you have just popped into the right page buddy. 

Here, we have come up with ins and outs of a good blender for crushing ice. What is more, we are gonna explore the features of a good blender in detail. Let’s start with an easy-peasy topic though.

Why do You Need a Powerful Blender for Crushing Ice? 

You can not blend ice with a regular blender. Because the blades of a traditional blender can not take the roughness of ice for a long time. It can be harmful to your blender. So it is not wise to use it for crushing ice. 

Moreover, you may crush the ice with a hammer and store it in the refrigerator. In that case, you have to pack the crushed ice with plastic bags or bottles. But it is difficult to prepare ice with the long process. You can choose an immersion blender for business use.

For making it easier, you have to use a heavy-watt ice blender. It also saves your time and energy. You can easily crush ice without any hassle. Experts suggest buying a robust blender for crushing ice. The blender should work as a countertop blender. Finding blender and juicer within the budget is important.

Features You Should Check in a Blender for Crushing Ice

Blender for Crushing Ice

While buying an ice blender, you have to look into the must-have features. Here you will know what to look for in a blender for blending ice cubes. 

Power Capacity 

First of all, you have to check the power capacity. We usually choose a medium-powered 2HP blender with average watts for household chores. But crushing ice cubes can cause jamming on the regular blender. 

Do you know how many watts does a blender need to crush ice cubes? We suggest using a blender with a watt range of 1000-1500.

Anyway, you should not avoid checking the motor capacity. It ensures sturdiness and power capacity. You can also use the blender for frozen fruit and frozen drinks. Thus, it is more than enough power for personal blenders.

Blade quality  

The second feature you should notice is the blade look and quality. You know, ice is hard to blend. For smooth ice crushing, you will need blunt blades. Make sure the blender has stainless steel blades. 

Moreover, it guarantees durability. You don’t need a sharp blade to crush ice. If you are making slushies or frozen drinks with the blender, it will blend each ingredient with the ice crush.

Jar type

A good blender should have a large pitcher. Otherwise, you can mess up with melted ice. For having a hassle-free experience, choose a blender with a large jar or pitcher. 

Small size pitcher can not handle the load of ice. Along with that, you will need a stronger blending jar than a magic bullet juicer for crushing ice. Otherwise, the ice loads can break the pitcher. 

Tamper Settings 

Suppose you are crushing ice on a large pitcher. You notice the ice becomes snow on the lower layer of the pitcher. But it doesn’t even move on the upper layer.

For solving this problem, you have to look into the tamper capacity. What does a tamper do? It helps to keep pushing the ice into the blades. 

Crushing system

Each blender comes up with a different crushing feature. In crushing ice or making slushies, you need to check the crusher settings. A high-powered blender should have a pulse-setting button.

As well, it helps to set the blender into a specific mode for crushing ice. Look into the total crushing technology.


You will need a noiseless blender machine for the best personal blender for crushing ice. Because the loud sound of blenders can be harmful to older people. Even your neighbors can complain.

Consider the features for your business as well. It can be annoying to the customers. You need to pick a quiet blender.


Last but not least, you have to look into the blender’s performance. After analyzing all the features, it matters the most for blending ice. It is better to choose a blender with smooth performance.  

Frequently Asked Question

What can I do with crushed ice?

You can  do a lot of things using crushed ice. You can store frozen ingredients, frozen food, dry ice, nut butter, whatnot. Furthermore, you can make shaved ice cream, frozen drinks, and frozen dessert with it. 

How to maintain a blender for crushing ice?

Frequently Asked Question

  • Always clean the blending jar after using it. 
  • Prepare storage for the blender 
  • Before keeping the blender in storage, dry it up. 
  • Keep yourself safe from the blades 
  • Avoid overloading the blending jar.


After all, picking up a high-powered blender can be a fruitful choice for you. There are brands like Blend tec total classic, Ninja personal blender, Oster pro, Argo’s ice crushing blender, and Vitamix blender (Input Product Link). If you want to buy a commercial blender, you can look into the immersion blenders.

Ninja Bl610 ice crushing blender is a unique innovation of the Ninja mega kitchen system. It can be suitable for crushing ice and green smoothies. Besides, you can also use the ice blender for cocktails. It is considered the best blender for slushies. 

You will get a good blender for crushing ice on Amazon, Walmart, and other online shops. Also, look into the nearest kitchen accessories shop. We hope it will help you to choose a suitable blender for you.

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