How to Work a Nutribullet Blender – You Should Know in 2023

Nutribullet Blender is small but fantastic kitchen kit that can be your best blender. Before having this one in your kitchen, there is no way to learn how to work a Nutribullet Blender. However, it will make your work easier and easy to maintain. 

A powerful and fantastic blender to make drinks, powders, and smoothies is the Nutribullet. The kit keeps the nutritional value of the fruits and veggies. You can prepare a lot of things with the help of this magic bullet blender. 

However, I have made a guide to let you know how to use Nutribullet and how it works. So, let’s continue. 

How to Work a Nutribullet

How to work a Nutribullet

This blender comes with two different-sized cups. Besides, the blades of the two cups are different. Nutribullet allows you to blend veggies and fruits and grind nuts. Nutribullet blenders have different names and models in the market such as Nutribullet Pro, Nutribullet Go, etc.  How to work with nutribullet blenders is important.

Learn more about blades and jars

The Nutribullet blender combo has two jars have two different blades. One comes with an extractor blade with four hands. The jar that is for milling comes with a single blade. So, now you have to decide which purposes you will use the jars. 

If you want to make fruit juice or veggie smoothies, you should use the extractor blade jar. On the other hand, if you’re going to get powder from dry ingredients, you should use a milling blade. So, use the right blade to work with Nutribullet. 

How to Make a Drink with Nutribullet

How to make a drink with Nutribullet

Let’s see the step-by-step work to make fruit or vegetable drinks with a Nutribullet blender. You can also use frozen fruits and ice cubes to make the drink. 

Place the blender on the right surface

Keep your blender on a table or smooth surface. Besides, it will be away from water because it is an electric tool. Place the kit near an electric power source. Now you should plug in the machine with the jar.

Use a tall cup to Make Juice

Use a tall cup to make Juice

Now you should take the tall jar and fill it with fruits or veggies that you want to make a drink. See the capacity of the jar, it is 24 ounces. Keep an eye on the top line because filling the pot over the maximum line is not the right decision.

To make a proper drink add 50% fruits or veggies and 50% leafy green. Thus, your drink will be a healthier one. Besides, you should use the right ingredients. If you are going to make juice, try to keep it thin to the right texture. 

Besides, avoid adding warm ingredients to make a drink. You should cut the fruits and others to proper shapes that could easily fit into the jar. 

Add some liquid

It is essential to add liquid to a drink to keep the right consistency for a drink. You may not like a chunkier drink. As a liquid, you can use water, milk, or other liquids that can be used as a drink.  You can make lemon juice in a juicer.

How to Make Powder with Nutribullet

How to make powder with Nutribullet

You can use your blender to make a power of dry ingredients. Want to make the power of some nuts? Use the small cup to make nut butter. 

Take the nuts or dry ingredients in a small cup. Then place the cap properly in the blender. You should start blending, giving some intervals because the blender can be overheated. 

After using the blender, take out the dry or wet ingredients. Commonly, some ingredients can get stuck in the cup. So, take out the cup from the base and shake it to loosen the ingredients. Besides, shake the cup to mix the ingredients for a drink.

Besides, you should use the right lid and place it tightly. You also get two re-sealable lids. Use them to keep the additional drink in the cup if you want. Then, keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days. 

How to Clean Nutribullet

How to clean Nutribullet

Cleaning Nutribullet is not a hard job. To clean the cup and lid, you can use a dishwasher. But the blades and base are not safe for the dishwasher. It is better to do hand wash for your blender.

Use warm water and dish soap to clean the blade, lids, and jars. Mix the soap with warm water and wash the parts. You should be careful of the blades because they are sharp. To clean the base of the blender, use a wet rag.

However, you should unplug the base before starting your cleaning process. Then, wipe the surface and remove the residue. 

Cleaning the stubborn residue

You can follow the tips if you find some dry and stubborn residue inside the pitcher. Use the milling blade. Now add some soapy water to the cup and blend it for a few seconds. 

Thus, the tough ingredients will come out. Then follow the usual process to make your cleaning work finished. 


This ninja blender is a fantastic blender or food processor at an affordable price. If you want to enjoy a Nutri drink easily at home, keep this tool beside you in your kitchen as one of the best kitchen appliances. You can make drinks, cocktails, almond butter, and vegetable smoothie with this tool. 

Besides, the Nutribullet blender is good for making baby food. However, properly using a tool is very much important. Therefore, I try my best to help you know how to work a Nutribullet to make your work easier. 

To keep your kit well for a long time, maintain it properly. Proper maintenance is essential to keep a tool long-lasting. It is also easy to maintain and clean Nutribullet. 

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