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To maintain a healthy lifestyle, taking juice is a vital part. If you process vegetables or fruits into juice it will be more nutritious. That is why I chose to narrate on How do You Store Fresh Juice without Losing Nutrients

To stay safe from detoxification, sudden sickness juicing is more beneficial. Because many of us in the modern days go on a diet. The reliable way to be healthy with a healthy diet is taking juices.

To keep your body fit and get a healthy treat you should take green and fresh fruit juice. In this segment, you will know about the ways to store juice. Trips and tricks to store juice. Clearance of some queries with the verdict.

Dear audience, I hope you guys will be glad to get all that information. So, swipe up the content with me. And learn how to store or take juice by keeping its nutritional status. Let’s carry on.

Tips to Store Freshly Made Juice for Later Use

Tips To Store Freshly Made Juice For Later Use

In modern times we can’t manage enough time to prepare juice daily. That is why we find alternatives. In that case, the alternative will prepare plenty of juice & then store juice in a proper way

So that we can use it next time without effort and save time. To store the juice you can follow the below tips and tricks. If you follow these instructions, you will easily keep the balance of nutrients in your juice. Let’s start.

Inorder to store fresh juice without losing nutrients follow some guidelines:

1. Keep Juice at a Maximum of 48-72 hour Shelf

To save time we frequently can’t prepare juice. That’s why we store it for further use. But there is a limit to reserving fruit, vegetables, or other juices or beverages. 

If you want to keep your juice fresh and nutritious you have to obey the time limits. Within 48-72 hours a juice won’t break its nutrition. So, you should take it within 72 hours. Otherwise, having juice won’t be fruitful. It helps to last juice for long period.

2. Select Which Food to Make Juice

There are so many food items to prepare juice. But all are not nutritious and effective. According to your diet chart, you may choose items to make juice. But, you know all items can not manage equal temperature and cold.

First of all, you have to know at which temperature your juice will keep its nutrition and acidity levels. And the pH of the food items is vital to consider in this case.

Some produce stays fresh in low temperature or a normal freezer. Some needed to stay safe in deep freezers. Like bananas, strawberries can be stored at lower temperatures. This is the best way. But you can also store it by freezing it.

The acidic foods with low pH are- apples, cauliflower, Apple, lemon, cucumbers, etc can help to reduce browning enzymes. Though becoming brown is the natural occurrence of fresh food. Acidic food stays less brownish when in the store.

So, to control nutritional status you can select fresh food, acidic fruits, food items, and green vegetables to have juice. And by this, you can maintain the healthy status of your storing juice.

3. Use a Slow Juicer

Each juicer has its rotation per minute (RPM) system. Some rotate slowly and some are rapidly rotated during operation. To keep your juice longer in the fresh condition you are required to utilize a slower juicer.

Because lower RPM juicers induce less amount of heat. So, low RPM juicers are a champion or slow juicers. While higher RPM juicers are centrifugal. 

For this reason, you should use a slower rotatory juicer to prevent extra great generation. If you handle a higher RPM juicer for extra heat your food balance will reduce. So, the best option is to select a slow juicer.

4. Filter to Remove the Pulp

That would be better if you remove the pulp from your juice. Because the pulp can help the juice to brown rapidly. You can use a pulp-free juicer. But if you are not available you can filter out the pulp in the state of the centrifugal juicer.

After removing the pulp, store your juice at strain or in a storage container. This will increase your juice life. So, peeling pulps is an important trick for you. 

5. Add Some Natural Preservatives

To boost the long life of your juice add some natural preservatives. E.g- citric acid, honey, etc. By adding citric acid, the juice will be more acidic and able to keep its nutrition status.

Even if you prefer sweetness you can use honey. Otherwise, citric acid. These two preservatives are most popular to maintain food value. Honey is the best way to prolong juice life. While citric acid is easily available to everyone.

6. Vacuum Sealed & Airtight Containers

Air will destroy food or juice in the storage box. Because storing temperature is the main fact to control. But by introducing an outdoor atmosphere with the inside part of the storage container it will lose its balance.

After storing juice airtight the bottle. Or cover with a lid. The best solution is to keep free of air, use a vacuum-sealed cane. But if it does not exist, a lid or bottle cover can also be used. Just, ensure the airtight environment of the storage cane.

7. Use Dark Or Opaque Containers

By the photodegradation process, the night will destroy juice nutrition. So, you can use dark or opaque containers to prevent that process. Glass jar is the best option but you can also use a plastic jar. If it is safe for food.

8. Refrigeration

Refrigeration is the best method to store juice. With this technique, your juice will stay for a long time. But the thing you have to keep in mind is what type of juicer you used. If you hold a slow juicer you can have it within 72 hours. But if it higher rpm juicer you can maintain food values for up to 48 hours. That would better use a slower juicer.


Does storing juice lose nutrients?

Answer: Without maintaining the proper ways and steps you’re storing juice I’ll lose its nutrients. Otherwise, not.

How long does homemade juice save its nutrients?

Answer: Normally the storage limit is 24 hours to 72 hours. But it depends on what type of juicer you used.

How do you store juice after juicing?

Answer: The best way to store juice after juicing is to store it in an airtight glass container or dark plastic container. 

The Verdict

To ignore wasting time and maintain a healthy diet, storing juice is very useful. But how do you store fresh juice without losing nutrients? The solution is described in the above discussion.

A person who is on a diet of juice will be a perfect choice. You can make juice before and at night to consume. To get the best benefit we should drink juice after 20 minutes of juicing. Otherwise, the food value will be lost.

But if you want to have it after 20 minutes or 2 to 3 days you have to store it accurately. For your respect, we were given the solution. Hope you guys will be glad to learn these tips and tricks. 

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